Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alexis Sánchez Scores Two for Barca

Barcelona’s Alexis Sanchez scored twice to help the Spanish champions return to their winning ways with a 4-0 home victory over Rayo Vallecano in La Liga on Tuesday. The Chilean forward broke the 0-0 score in the 29th minute, and added a second in the 41st. The end result of the match was an easy 4-0 win for Barca. After being out from an injury for nearly 8 weeks, a lot of Barca fans became doubtful of Alexis, questioning if he's even capable of contributing to the best team in the world. If you asked me, I'd say he's a hugely underrated and unrecognized player, as I've been a follower of Alexis for quite awhile now and know that he's capable of many great things, and is among one the best current forwards in the world.

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